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Safety and Efficacy: Our Commitment to Hormonal Treatments

At Eskag Pharma Pvt Limited, we recognize the vital role of hormones in overall health and wellness. Our dedicated Hormones section underscores our extensive array of hormonal medicines, meticulously formulated. Here we have showcased detailed information on each hormonal product, outlining its specific purpose, composition, and guidelines for use. Our focus on delivering safe, effective, and cutting-edge hormonal treatments is underpinned by comprehensive research and development.

Tricycle 0.3mg/1.15mg Tablet, levonorgestrel & ethinylestradiol
Levonorgestrel & Ethinyloestradiol Tablets
Hyston sr. norethisterone acetate sustained release 10mg
Norethisterone Sustained Release Tablets
Hyston SR
Suvida 72 . Best Emergency contraceptive pill Manufacturer
Emergency Contraceptive Pill
Suvida 72
Dybest, Dydrogesterone tablet 10mg, manufacturer
Dydrogesterone Tablets I.P. 10mg
Pregfit 300 mg
Progesterone Sustained Release Tablets 300 mg
Pregfit 300
Pregfit 200 mg
Progesterone Sustained Release Tablets 200 mg
Pregfit 200
Suvida OCP
Levonorgestrel & Ethinyloestradiol and Ferrous Fumarate
Letrozole Tablet USP 2.5 mg
Cyproterone Acetate & Ethinyloestradiol

As a leading entity in hormonal therapy, Eskag Pharma is dedicated to enhancing life quality with our advanced endocrine solutions. We remain steadfast in our pursuit of innovative treatments, bridging gaps in hormonal healthcare and contributing to improved patient outcomes.

Suvida OCP: Suvida, India’s top oral contraceptive pill is our flagship brand and has been trusted by 50 million Indian women for last 50 years!

  • FeCM (Newly launched Ferric Carboxymaltose injection)
  • I CON oral contraceptive kit
  • PREGDATE tablet
  • Hyston Tablet
  • Tricycle Tablet
  • Arobit Tablet
  • Pregfit 200 MG/300 MG tablet
  • Suvida 72
  • Disolv Syrup
  • MYOWIN Tablet
  • MYOVA Tablet
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